How to Cook without Making Your Stove Dirty

Cooking is not a lot of work but cleaning after cooking is not fun. Sometimes, it becomes a big deal if you start feeling tire after cooking – breathing food, cooking oil, seasoning… Here, today, I will share you a tip avoiding that problem and it might make you interest in cooking more and more. I just figured it out. So, now, at least, I make some food for myself and/or my family everyday without thinking “um uhhhh… clean after cooking? ahhh ohhh no, never mind” anymore. My tip does not require spending a lot of money or having to upgrade your kitchen or anything. It’s very simple, easy and fast.

Okie, here is what you need to do to make you cook more or at least cook some hot food for yourself everyday. You just need to go to the store, get one if you don’t have it yet. That’s getting a big wok with a lid. You can use it to cook anything you want from stir frying, boiling, making soup to steaming. Just having it on the stove and cook something to eat hot everyday. Because the wok is large, your stove doesn’t get mess of cooking oil, food… so you save time for not cleaning up the entire stove. Does it cost you more on electric bill compare to a small pot or skillet? I don’t think so, but probably it does. It might be cost a little bit more but just thinking about you can have hot food anytime you want…

I bought this wok on Black Friday 2019 for $7.99 but forgot spending a cash rebate Visa which expired on July 20, 2019 but somehow, I remembered it would expire on July 31. So it ended up costing more. Right now, I forgot exactly how much was it; it was less than $11 (Visa) plus $7.99.

After cooking, you don’t need to carry the wok to the sink for washing. Just add some water, the water can be hot, warm or room temperature water. It’s up to you; how you want it to be cleaned. You can add some water, place a lid on, bring the water to hot and throw in a used paper tow then use a pair of chopsticks or a stick and then move a paper tow around inside the wok to remove dirt, cooking oil… then, dump that dirty water and use a dried paper tow sweeping it if you want. Next day, just bring a wok to hot and then cook whatever you want. When the wok is hot, the heat will kill every bacteria sticking on the wok, so you don’t need to worry about unhygienic or unhealthy or anything.

a clean wok ready for cooking

I think that is enough; you got an idea how it works now. I have my wok for years, almost 3 years, but I didn’t know it has such a big help until recently after using it to fry some fish pastes. I will take a picture of my wok and add it here so you can get an idea how big a wok I talked about.

I will wrote more posts when I get an idea which one is helpful to share. Also, I will figure how to have some notification to you when I post a new thing.

Good luck and have fun with your time in the kitchen.

Written by VN on Friday, April 22, 2022 11:20 P.M. EST

I just uploaded some pictures of my wok and included them above.

It’s big, is it right? However, I want another, bigger than this. It’s big as a large stove. It’s big as big as the big white circle under this wok.

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Update August 9, 2022 Tuesday – I used this wok to cook some shrimp and cabbage stir fry and braised fish.

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