Uyen Thy’s Cooking


Cooking cooking cooking Vietnamese food, is it hard? Not really as long as you don’t give up when you burn your dishes. Also, you don’t need a lot ingredients like most other cuisines; the basic ingredients are salt, sugar, fish sauce,… In this post you will see one of Vietnamese lady shows how making a Vietnamese dish as so simple. Most of her food is made from scratch in which salt, sugar and fish sauce as the base ingredients.  Some of her videos shows how to make snack like peanut butter candy, ginger candy/jam,…  Anyway, go to one of the following link to see how she prepare the food.

Bep Nha Ta Nau – Uyen Thy’s Cooking

Here is the list which is retrieved by one of our user, ilovevietnamesefood, of her popular dishes:

  1. Vietnamese beef meatballs, Vietnamese ham, Vietnamese baguette bread, Vietnamese sandwich, Vietnamese pork ham, Vietnamese noodle soup, rice wine ball, Vietnamese meatball sandwich, caramel flan, duck hot pot with bean curd, sour shrimp pickle.
  2. coming soon!

What else you could find in Uyen Thy’s Cooking Show?

How to make “Banh Bot Loc”, How to make “Banh Bao Hap” – Steam Buns, How to make “Banh Bo Chien”, How to make “Banh Bao” – Buns, How to make “Banh Canh Cua” – Crab Udon, How to make “Banh It Ram”, How to make “Banh Pateso”, How to make “Caramel Flan Recipe”, How to make “Che Dau Trang va Che Bap” –  Beans & Corn Sweet Desserts, How to make “Che Khoai Mon”, How to make “Che Thai”, How to make “Suong Sa Hat Luu”, How to make “Banh Duc Tom Chay”, How to make “Banh Deo Trung Thu” – Moon Cakes

How to make “Banh Day Dau”, How to make “Banh Cong va Banh Tom Chien”, How to make “Banh Chuoi Hap” – Thai Banana “Icream/Blue Java” Steam Cakes, How to make “Banh Canh Gio Heo Chi Mo” – Pig Leg Udon Soup, How to make “Apple Pork Roast”, How to make “Artic Surt Clams Recipe”, How to make “Banh Almond Cookies”, How to make “Banh Bia Sau Rieng” –  Durian Cakes, How to make “Banh Bo Nuong”, How to make “Banh Brownie Cookies”, How to make “Banh Cam Recipe”, How to make “Banh Mi Thit Nguoi Mayonay”

How to make “Cha Lua Vietnamese Ham”, How to make “Vietnamese Baguette Banh Mi”, How to make “Pho Ap Chao Chay” – Vegetarian Beef Noodle Soup (Pho), How to make “Banh Gan”, How to make “Vit Quay” – Barbecue Duck, How to make “Bun Moc”, How to make “Che Thai”, How to make “Ga Hap Cai Be Xanh” – Steam Chicken with Pok Choy, How to make “Bun Bo Hue” – Pork & Beef Noodle Soup, How to make …

Keywords help finding more information about her cooking show:

  • Vao Bep 5 Phut Voi Uyen Thy
  • Uyen Thy’s Cooking
  • Bep Nha Ta Nau

Other places which you could find more about “Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Bếp Nhà Ta Nấu” (Vietnamese Cooking Video “Uyen Thy’s Cooking”) cooking show:
(password: ut12345)

About her career, everyone is known, currently, she is owner of couple eatery businesses in California, USA and SBTN TV’s celerity chef of “Bep Nha Ta Nau” cooking show. How about other stuffs related to her like her family status which many people wonder. Here are what we’ve known from her cooking videos. Yes! she’s married woman and has 4 grown up children; we believe that she has 3 sons and 1 daughter (youngest) and the youngest is in college and the oldest just married couple years ago.

The above information as published on: Aug 22, 2014 at 18:09.


Wow, Ms. Uyen Thy is completely makeover recently.  Outfit with multiple difference colors make people getting less bore to watch her cooking show.  She has many changes since she remarried from outfit, talking, cooking style,…  Some people said they love her old way style than because that was kinds of natural acts than her recently acts.  She recently cooks more everyday food style, but anyway, that’s great as long she contributes more cooking show to her fans.

We just also found another channel which is belong to Uyen Thy.  This one is different from other channels which are usually taken at least 20 minutes; however, with this channel, she shows each dish only 5 minutes long.  It’s not so bad.  She named the channel is “5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy”.

Here is the link to see her 5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy,

To see other Uyen Thy’s cooking, go to

To see her cooking show “Bep Nha Ta Nau”, go to

If you want to cook everyday Vietnamese food, then you should see
VN Food – Taste of SVA views 1.4k
– shows to people his/her family everyday food including cooking steps by steps…

***Original article was written on March 31, 2015 at 2:45 A.M by FoodLover.


As today, she has 1,338 subscribers and 566,588 video views.  That’s from “5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy” channel only.  Top five popular video in this channel are Banh Trang Tron, Ech Xao Xa Ot, Muc Xao Xa Ot and Oc Xao Xa Ot, Bun Ca and Canh Ga Nuong Cam.  All are yummy.  (Latest updated March 9, 2016)

Somehow, all of her cooking video in her YouTube “5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy” account are no longer there. At right now, we don’t know what happened. (Updated 4/22/2016)

As today (July 22, 2016), Because we see it’s not necessary to keep two posts about one person, we merged two posts of Uyen Thy’s Cooking into one.

VN Food – Taste of SVA

Besides Uyen Thy’s everyday cooking style, there is one brand new YouTube invisible cooker, Taste of SVA.   This YT user shows to people his/her family everyday food including cooking steps by steps how the food is done on some of dishes.  A unique of this YT food channel is all dishes are done and presented in the form of images.  Neither you can’t see the person nor the sound of cooking or talking except the music.  That’s kind a interesting to explore their food.

Like we just said, this account is new so we don’t have much information.  The only thing we’re known is this account is created on February 2, 2015 and “Chicken Rice Soup and Chicken Pickle Salads” is the most popular cooking video.  He/she also has some yummy and delicious dishes which making us hungry like “Stir Fry Shrimp & Bacon (Tep Rang Ba Roi)”, “Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings (Canh Ga Chua Ngot)” and “Cripy Roasted Pork (Thit Heo Quay)”.

After scanning over, we saw this person cooked variety of food from Vietnamese food to American food and even though some Chinese food but in his/her own way.

For Viet Florida’s cooking, go to

Currently, popular videos are

  1. How to Make Coconut Milk Gravy Simple and Easy
    Nuoc Cot Dua –
  2. Chicken Rice Soup and Chicken Pickled Salads
    Chao Ga Goi Ga –
  3. Stir-Fried Noodles Simple and Easy
    Mi Xao Thap Cam –
  4. Shrimp and Pork Egg Rolls –
    Cha Gio Tom Thit –
  5. How to Cut a Watermelon
  6. Homemade “Pho” noodles
    Lam Banh Pho Tai Nha-
  7. Ice Cream Banana Dessert
    Chuoi Xao

We like dipping sauce which is very helpful for us.

  1. Nuoc Mam Cham Do Xao –
    Stir-Fried Dipping Fish Sauce

Beside those popular dishes above, there are some dishes are looked very yummy making our mouth water.

  1. Xa Xiu –
    Char Siu ~ Pork Barbecue BBQ Simple and Easy
  2. Canh Ga Chua Ngot –
    Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings
  3. Xoi Dau La Dua va Dua –
    Beans, Coconut, Pandan Sticky Rice
  4. Chien Dau Hu –
    Fry Tofu Simple and Easy
  5. Che Bap, Bap Luot –
    Corn Pudding Dessert & Boiled Corn Snack
  6. Canh Chua Ca –
    Fish Hot & Sour Soup
  7. Com Chay –

As of January 2016, there are no more video clips adding recently.  Some clips at the end of 2015 is kind just a dish with a music without step by step how to.  To me, it kinds a channel of Vietnamese food collection rather than learning how to cook or how to make…  Hey, it’s my opinion, don’t have to go with me.

JN Cooking

Today, we’re only chit chat about Xuan Hong but also share another cooking channel which you might be interesting.  Which channel?  Let’s see.

That is cooking channel JN Cooking.  She shared a lot dishes already.  Her first video, “Jn Vietnamsese Spring Rolls – Cha Gio (EXCLUSIVE)”, was published on Jul 23, 2012 and her most recent video is “Jn How to make Cafe Sua Trung Nong – Egg Cream Coffee” which was published 3 days ago.

Here are 5 most popular cooking videos of JN Cooking as today.

  1. Jn Grilled Vietnamese Sausage (Nem Nuong), 3:29, was published 2 years ago with 104,817 views
  2. Jn Banh Canh Cua (Vietnamese Crab Soup), 6:46, was published 1 year ago with  65,805 views.
  3. Jn Crispy Egg Noodles with Assorted Meats & Vegetables (EXCLUSIVE), 5:15, was published 2 years ago with 37,252 views
  4. Jn Bun Bo Hue (EXCLUSIVE), 6:03, was published 2 years ago with 30,639 views
  5. Jn Lemongrass Chicken (EXCLUSIVE), 3:56, was published 2 years ago with 22,223 views

JN Cooking Channel was joined YT Jul 18, 2010.  She currently has 55 cooking videos, 6,348 subscribers and 594,633 views.  That’s all we’re known about her and her cooking channel so far.

To see JN cooking video, go to

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Boriville is a cooking channel on YT and sharing “Vietnamese Food Recipes” but, as we’ve seen, Boriville’s cooking is kind about Vietnamese food especially daily eating and Chinese Vietnamese food as well.  Videos are recorded in English excepting when she mentioned about the names of the food in Vietnamese.  The recipes are cleared and organized.  Once more thing we forgot to mention, it’s seem a video is added weekly.

Boriville joined YT on July 03, 2010 and currently has 222 videos, 10,751 subscribers and 2,334,092 views.

Her sponge cake is reached 236,089 views in 2 years.  Her other popular cooking videos include Vietnamese Braised Catfish in Claypot (88.5K/1 year), Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup Recipe (83.2K/1 year), Vietnamese Hollow Doughnuts (52.2K/1 year), Fried Breadsticks/Youtiao Chinese Crullers Recipe (50K/10 months), Vietnamese Meatloaf (48.6K/1 year), Vietnamese Steamed Pork Buns (48.6K/1 year), Vietnamese Egg Rolls (48K/1 year), Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut (42.9K/1 year), Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cake (40.4K/11 months), Sticky Rice Cake with Bananas (40K/1 year)

For more cooking from Boriville, go to

  • latest cooking video (playlist) –


Coming soon!

Other food shows you might like to see:

  1. VN Food – Taste of SVA views 1.4k
  2. Nyonya Cooking views 888
    – shows the people how to make the food specialized in Malaysian cuisine.

HuongBui Cooking


Huong Bui Cooking is another cooking channel from YT and one more YT cooking celebrity from Germany. As we reviewed, her cooking instructions are cleared and easy followed, not so bad comparing to other cooking channels. She was out of Vietnam for a decade as she mentioned on her blog and is currently living in Stuttgart, Germany. Here are some information we’re known about her YT food channel.

As of March 05, 2015, she joined YT on October 06, 2013; now she has 2712 subscribers and 553,353 views; and there are total of 34 videos. As of today, she hasn’t have any cooking video above 100K yet. Her recipes’ steps by steps are in both langugages (English & Vietnamese).

Her popular cooking videos: Vietnamese fermented pork rolls (77.5K/8 months), Crispy in Pork Belly (56.2K/1 year), Vietnamese steamed pork buns (44.5K/8 months), Hollow Fried Breadstic – Youtiao (41.1K), Vietnamese Pate (39.1K/4 months), Pickled Cabbage (34.6K/9 months), Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls (32.8K/9 months), Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables (31.4K/5 months), Caramelized Pork Belly with Eggs (30K/8 months), Pomelo Dessert Soup (25K/1 year), Vietnamese Chicken Salad (20K/8 months).

Here is image of her popular dishes:


For more HuongBui cooking videos, go to

  • latest cooking videos (100/playlists) –
  • other cooking videos –


Coming soon!

VN Food – Taste of SVA views 1.4k

Wantamien views 1.5k
– Ms. Maria Wong shows us how to cook many dishes, desert, snack with…

My Basil Leaf


Good afternoon everybody, we just found down another cooking channel which hosted by a Vietnamese lady.  Her cooking videos are very unique.  She cooks the food from the scratch and she shows to the world how her little garden where are all her cooking supplies (herbs, vegetables) come from.  Also, you will see how to pick lemon grasses, bac ha, peaches, zucchinis, chives, mints, …  Anyway, it’s cool to see how the real world of picking herbs and vegetables for your dishes. In the videos, the main language which she spoke was English but sometimes she filled in some Vietnamese. To see sample of her cooking videos, stop by the link on the top of this post.

My-Basil Leaf’s Cooking Videos – Vietnamese – Asian And American Comfort Food

We don’t know when she joined YouTube but we do know that her first published video was on Aug 30, 2012. As of today, she has 11,808 subscribers and 1,465,414 views.

Her YouTube’s package title is “How To Cook Vietnamese Food and Asian Food Recipes”. Let see how her cooking videos’s viewings.

Her cooking videos which have over 50K views:
Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes-Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes Recipe-How To Make Cheesecake Cupcakes, 134K views; Mango Smoothie-Mango Yogurt Smoothie-How To Make A Mango Yogurt Smoothie-Tropical Fruit Smoothie, 62K views; How To Make Orange Chicken-Recipe-Asian Food Recipes, 57K views;

Her cooking videos which have over 30K views but less than 50K views:
Videos in 40K views:  How To Make Vietnamese Egg Rolls Cha Gio-Vietnamese Food Recipes, 43K views; Bubble Pearl Milk Tea-Boba-Fruit Milk Tea Asian Recipes, 42K views; Chicken Enchilada Recipe-How To Make Chicken Enchiladas-Casserole-Sauce-Mexican Food Recipes, 41K views;

Videos in 30K views:  Peanut Sauce for Spring Rolls Bo Bia-How to Make Peanut Dipping Sauce Summer Rolls-Recipes, 35K views; Asian Fried Tempura Shrimp-How To Cook Asian Fried Shrimp-Prawns-Recipes, 35K views; Teriyaki Salmon Recipe-How To Make Grilled Teriyaki Salmon-Asian Food, 32K views; Asian Eggplant Recipes-How To Cook Eggplant-Stir Fry-Vegetarian, 31K views; Pork Fried Rice Recipe-How To Make Pork Fried Rice-Asian Food Recipes, 31K views; How To Make Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe-Asian Comfort Food Recipes, 31K views;

Her cooking videos which are in 20K views:
Banh Hoi-Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli-Steamed Banh Hoi-Banh Cuon-Vietnamese Food Recipes, 29K views; Steamed Pork Buns Banh Bao Xi Mai-How To Cook Banh Bao-Vietnamese Food Recipes, 24K views; Pickled Carrots And Daikon-How To Make Pickled Carrots Daikon And Cucumber – Banh Mi Ga Banh Mi Thit, 23K views; Honey Sesame Chicken-Asian Food Recipes, 23K views; Mango Sticky Rice Coconut Sauce-Thai-Asian Food Recipes, 21K views;

Watch Vietnamese – Asian And American Comfort Food


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

More is on the way.  See you next time.

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Van’s Kitchen


Hey guy! There is another great YouTube cooking celebrity.  Her cooking videos are improved day to day and her cooking ingredient lists are cleaned and very organized; now you can found it great instructions no other have yet.  No matter how many words we said, when you see her cooking videos you will know what we talked about.

One more thing we need to let you know before you get away for watching her videos:  her cooking channel message “Step by step how-tos for authentic Vietnamese food, with occasional forays into baking and other ethnic cuisine!”

This is a sample of her cooking videos which is allowed to share from YouTube:

Van’s Vietnamese Cooking Videos
Full recipe in English:

Her top popular cooking videos in 50K plus views:  custard pudding – 288,801 views; pandan coconut honeycomb – 116,644 views, fish cake – 86,689 view; spicy beef noodle – 67,621 views; how to make natural food coloring – 64,585 views; how to make Vietnamese ham likes cha hue, gio song, mu yor – 59,801 views, tapioca dumplings – 56,624 views, dipping sauce – chicken floss, dried shredding chicken;

Those videos got 25K-49,999 views are mount Fuji sponge cake – 46,940 views; beef stew – 45,915 views, steamed chicken on a bed of rock salt – 45,842 views, chicken wings – 43,285 views, traditional mooncake – 40,378 views, sticky rice dumpling – 38,968 views,daikon and carrot pickles – 38K views, how to make Che Dau Van – 35K views, agar jelly candy – 33K views, how to make yogurt at home – 29K views, how to make Vietnamese sweet and sour soup – 29K views, how to make nuoc mam – 26K views, how to make corn milk – 25K views

Videos in 20K views are how to make gluten-free tapioca coconut melting cookies – 23K, how to make Japanese wagashi inspired bean paste peaches – 23K views, mango orange cheesecake, how to make candied coconut ribbons – 22K views, how to make caramelized braised pork and eggs – 21K views, snow skin mooncake – 21K views,

Some of her best videos which are our favorite ones are crystallized candied winter melon, candied coconut ribbons, soy milk, mooncake, Vietnamese sticky rice cake, sponge cake,

As today, August 8, 2014, she has 13,616 subscribers 1,867,483 views.  She joined YouTube on Jan 20, 2013.  It’s not so bad, is it right?


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Helen Recipes


Who is she?  According to her website, she was born in Vietnam, had lived in Singapore to attend college and currently live in Germany (moved to Germany in 2008).

Some of her dishes which you might interesting:

How to Make Rainbow Jelly, Coconut Pandan Waffles, Green Papaya Salad, Vietnamese Roasted Chicken, Rice Paper Salad, Coconut Jelly, Dare you eat this? Bizarre Food in Vietnam, Rice Noodle with Pork and Seafood, Vietnamese Steamed Buns, Ginger Chicken, Steamed Banana Cake, Fish Sauce Chicken Wings, Coconut Sauce for Desserts, Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables…

Helen’s recipes target on the following topics.

Appetizer and snack recipes, summer desserts, vegetarian recipes, tips and tricks of cooking, rice side dishes recipes, noodle recipes, beef recipes, pork recipes, chicken recipes, fish and seafood recipes, Vietnamese New Year recipes, Vietnamese desserts, Vietnamese cakes

Information about Helen’s Vietnamese Cooking Videos

Helen’s 2014 cooking videos:

Vietnamese vegetable dip, broken rice with grilled pork chop and meatloaf

What else she did so far from April of 2013?

She showed how to cook/make/bake thick noodle soup with pork hock, bitter melon soup, bird’s nest cake, baby clams with rice cracker, spring rolls, meatball sandwich, sweet & sour fish soup, corn pudding, grass jelly, frozen yogurt, iced tamarind drink, dragon fruit shake, baguette, brown noodle, pizza, rainbow dessert, summer roll, lemon juice, growing bean sprouts, pickled bean sprout, shrimp and sweet potato ritter, dumpling wrapped in banana leaf, caramelized shrimps and pork, tom yum hot pot, vegetarian chicken salad, mooncake, curry chicken, flour cake, chicken noodle soup, chicken sticky rice, panda waffle, papaya pickle, chicken roti.

Here are some samples of her cooking videos which you might interest.

Helen’s popular cooking video recipes:

700K’s – Vietnamese steamed rice cake (721,764 views),

600K’s – how to make crispy roast pork (675,156 views),

400K’s – how to make Vietnamese fresh spring roll (416,320 views), snowball cake (411,276 views), Vietnamese clear shrimp and pork dumpling (409,381 views),

300K’s – Vietnamese thick noodle soup recipe (319,815 views), Vietnamese beef noodle soup recipe (317,896 views),

200K’s – steamed layer cake (294,768 views), Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup (290,839 views), honeycomb cake (249,643 views), how to make rainbow jelly (227,224 views), worm-like jelly drink and cendol (220,218 views), pork stew with Vietnamese fermented shrimp paste and lemongras (207,778 views)

100K’s – coming soon!

Helen Recipes is a food channel about Vietnamese food.

Recently, we’ve seen her recorded her videos in Vietnam recently but we wonder does she live in Vietnam now on.  She seem has many businesses recently like some sort of advertisements for food companies, hotels, kitchen accessories,…  If it’s true, we’re happy for her. (11/11/2014)



As of February 2016, her most viewed dishes are crispy roast pork, spring roll, rice cake, pho beef noodle soup, spicy beef and pork noodle soup, youtiao, rainbow jelly, baguette bread.

Cathy Ha’s Cooking Express


What do we find in her video packages?  She cooked many stuffs from Vietnamese food, American food to Korean food.  She cooked spaghetti, pancakes, steaks,…

Cooking video:

Possible seen Cooking Express’ video:

How to make “Beef & Chicken Taco”, How to make “Banh Pho Xao Rau Que”, How to make “Banh Bao”, How to make “Banh Mi Hap”, How to make “Banh Canh Xao Tom”

Her popular cooking video:

Shaking beef, Vietnamese savory puff pastry and pancakes, pad Thai, Vietnamese seafood gumbo noodle soup, quick beef noodle, Vietnamese seafood salad, hot pot with beef and seafood, duck and bamboo shoot noodle soup, tofu kimchi soup with clams, wonton noodle soup, ginger chicken in clay pot, roasted duck egg noodle soup, Vietnamese crab noodle soup, durian pancake,

Nau An Nhanh voi Cathy Ha – Cathy Ha’s Cooking Video

Jajangmyeon black bean noodle, sweet rice with Chinese sausage topping, salt and pepper lobster, vegetarian glass noodle, beef noodle soup, grean mango & shrimp salad, quail eggs and ribs stew, steam bread wrap, butter roasted catfish, pepperidge farm savory chicken puff pastry or Vietnamese pate chaud, salmon and tamarind noodle soup, wonton noodle soup, mushroom and shrimp dumpling noodle soup,…

Other Cathy Ha’s Cooking Express videos which you might interest.

Vietnamese Cooking TV Shows in USA
Password: cth12345 (no longer available)

As we known from one of her present video, she does not work for SBTN Houston, Texas, USA as TV show chef anymore.  This might be a loss to Vietnamese American community because her cooking show is a connection the younger generation whom is carried half and half culture (speaking half Vietnamese & half English) with Vietnamese food & culture.


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Besides Uyen Thy’s everyday cooking style, there is one brand new YouTube invisible cooker, Taste of SVA. This YT user shows to people his/her family everyday food including cooking steps by steps ho…


Coming soon!

Enjoy watching cooking video…

More about Cathy Ha’s cooking information coming soon!



Wantamien is a name of a food channel on YouTube and it’s belong to Ms. Maria Wong.

The following video package is hosted by Ms. Maria Wong; she shows us how to cook many dishes, desert, snack with Cantonese tasty. In the video, she speak Chinese but there is English caption that makes easy for anyone couldn’t understand Chinese. She showed how to make crispy belly pork, glutinous cakes, moon cake,…

Cooking Video:

She has done so far:  my newest cooking videos (153), Asian/ chinese cuisine (108), sweets for my sweets (58), how to make Dim Sum (32), Chinese new year foods (14), European home style cooking (10), Summer BBQ foods (10), Asian chinese soups (10), Christmas cookies (8), how to make strawberry cake (3), how to make chinese dumpings recipe (2), Chinese steamed pork bun. Nikuman. Recipe (2), German thin pan cake recipe (2), how to make famous german blackforest cake (2)

Marie Wong’s Chinese Food – Cooking Video
Maria Wong’s Cooking at

(Chinese:  我喜歡食的甜品教做法, 中國新年食譜, 黑森林蛋糕, 蒸豬肉菜飽, 歐洲家庭式烹飪教做法, 教做中國菜肉餃子, 教做士多啤利蛋糕, 教做德國式簿煎餅, 亞洲/中國食譜教做法, 食譜, 教做點心, 最新綠影帶, 夏天 BBQ)

As of January 13, 2014,

  • her 1 million plus views:  Hong kong crispy roasted pork belly (Siu Yuk) (Chinese: 脆皮燒肉)
  • 700K views:  Chinese steamed rice noodle rolls (Cheung Fun) Dim Sum (Chinese:  教做蒸腸粉)
  • 300K views:  Red bean paste sesame balls, (Jin deui), Ha Gao (Steamed shrimp dumplings) Dim Sum (Chinese: 蝦餃, 紅豆蓉煎堆)
  • 200K views:  Chinese spring onion pancake, Chinese steamed water eggs, You tiao, crisp chinese crullers, Cantonese white cut chicken, Cantonese steamed sponge cake ( Ma Lai Go ) Dim Sum, Siu Mai – pork and shrimp dumplings ( Dim Sum ), HongKong steamed fish, Steamed white sugar sponge cake ( Bak Tong Gou ) (Chinese: 白糖糕, 蒸白切雞, 教做蔥油餅, 蒸水蛋, 馬拉糕, 燒賣, 香港清蒸魚, 油條)

As of February 20, 2015,  she hasn’t post any more cooking video on Y.T. since Jul 4, 2014 and her latest dish is “Lau sa lai wong bao/ custard buns, dim sum, 流沙奶黄飽”.  Currently, she has 156 cooking videos on YouTube and 302,624 views.

There are 2 videos which are viewed more than 1 million and here are her top five popular food videos on Y.T.:

  1. Hong Kong Crispy Roasted Pork Belly (Siu Yuk) 脆皮燒肉 was posted 4 years ago and has 1,625,432 views
  2. Chinese Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls (Cheung Fun) Dim Sum, 教做蒸腸粉 was posted 4 years ago and has 1,031,510 views
  3. Puff Pastry Egg Tarts, 酥皮蛋撻 was posted 2 years ago and has 712,723 views.
  4. Ha Gao (Steamed shrimp dumplings) Dim Sum 蝦餃 was posted 4 year ago and has 563,835 views.
  5. Red Bean Paste Sesame Balls, (Jin deui) 紅豆蓉煎堆 was posted 3 years ago and has 540,436 views.


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