How to make dried shrimp at home

Hi everybody, I’m back again today. I’m going to tell you how to make dried shrimp by yourself at home. It’s easy, not hard, not difficult, not complication… and simple. Here are some steps you need to do.

Step 1, buying some shrimp. It can be big, small or tiny. That’s up to you. If you want eat dried shrimp as a snack, use a large shrimp. If you want dried shrimp for soup, buy small ones. If you want to use dried shrimp as topping for some cakes, cookies… get tiny shrimp. If you have a chance to get a fresh, just caught shrimp, it’s great. If not, you can use frozen shrimp, no problem at all, but of course, fresh and just caught shrimp is much more better taste…

Step 2, cleaning the shrimp. Mix hot water with cold water, vinegar and some salt. The solution kinds a warm, salty and sour. Add shrimp, stir well. Set aside for around 5, 10, 15 minutes. That’s up to you. To me, waiting at least 10 minutes is much better. Then, mix well again for couple times and then drain all the water. Add water and rewash it again. If you don’t mind, rewash one more time.

Step 3, boiling the shrimp. Bring a water to hot, add some salt, mix well. Add shrimp, stir, mix well, cook until the shrimp absorbs salt to inner. Remove shrimp or transfer shrimp to a saucepan.

Step 4, pan drying the shrimp. Bring the saucepan with shrimp to hot and lower the heat to below the medium line. Stir, mix well. Do it occasion until the shrimp is dried. This technique makes you less worrying about ruining your shrimp if you’re unable to sun-dried or dehydrate them.

Step 5, drying the shrimp. Now your shrimp is partial dried. You can place them on the mess trays or bamboo tray and set them in the garage to slow drying if you live in the hot place. If you live in the sunshine location, bring them to outside and let the sun dries them. Another way to dry them is placing them in the dehydrator’s trays and put in the dehydrator machine to dry them.

Step 6, removing the dried skin off the shrimp. You can place them inside a bag and hit to floor to snap all the skin or using some heavy object gentle snap on the bag repeat until the skin is peeled off. If not many, you can use your own hands to peel one by one or place them inside a ziploc bag, seal and use a steak puncher to snap them gently.

Here are some videos about making dried shrimp you can check out.

First video is using dehydrator to dry the shrimp. Also, those shrimp are not really good in condition and still have head-on.

The second video, without using dehydrator or the sun, just let’s shrimp drying itself inside the house and partial in the patio. Those shrimp are head off shrimp.

Okay, so far so good. Now, you have ideas how to make dried shrimp for yourself, your family, your friends, your relatives and even though making some to sell.

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