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If you want to see how my dad started seeding, then scroll down to the end of the post.

To grow your own chayote squash, here are what you need to do.

How to have a chayote plant to grow?

  • Try to get one or whatever number of chayote you want. You can get it from someone you know having it from his/her garden or go to the store buy one. Choose a mature one buy looking under the bottom of the fruit. If the space wider, then it is mature, get that one home… you have a lucky day.
  • Set it at somewhere in your house or outside of your house but make sure there is no animal eats it.
  • Wait it to sprout. This process takes time and depends on how old the chayote. If it is really old (too mature), then it sprouts fast but if it is not mature yet, it will be taken longer for sprouting.
  • When it is sprout, split them to remove the seed plant to plant and the rest chayote flesh can be eaten by removing the skin, wash, cut or slice, cook and eat. If you want to keep the whole fruit to plant, it’s fine, no problem.

Now, plant it wherever you want. You can plant it in a container, in the corner of the garden, on the side of your house or next to the fence, under the tree… Try to visualize how will it climb to produce the fruits; I mean you should make sure that location is available enough space for you to make trellis for it. If it is planted in a container, it’s easy because you can move to wherever you want later.

How to plant a chayote?

  • Dig a whole bigger than the chayote (whole fruit or just the seed plant).
  • Place it down with the shoot upward.
  • Cover it with some soil.
  • Water it.

When it grows up enough to have something to suppose it to grow, then make a trellis for it to climb.

Make sure it is on the trellis.

Wait for it to fruit.

Here is how my dad started seeding.


  • If you’re a good gardener or enjoy gardening, water it very often and care it…
  • If you care it like caring a baby, I’m sure it will give you a lot of fruits; otherwise, it gives fruit when it is strong enough.

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Grow your own food at where you live.

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