Growing Butternut Squash

Growing butternut squash, is it difficult to grow?

Hi everybody, today I share with you some of my butternut squash plant pictures which I took months ago. I don’t really know for sure when I took these pictures because my GoPro HERO8 camera, somehow, showed the day of the pictures were taken back to 2016 but they were taken this year for sure. When I found out it happened was in May 20’s of 2022 . My evidence of the correct picture date taken was May 25, 2022.

GOPRO112.JPG 2022

Look at the tip, it produced a squash, a baby squash; that was my first ever quash growing.

GOPRO110.JPG 2022

There were more and more squashes later but all of them were dropped or damaged due to the heat or lack of watering and/or nutrients to keep the fruits. I have to confess that I didn’t water it at all; it survived itself and through the rain sometimes.

GOPRO111.JPG 2022

Finally, I got one and only one butternut squash; that’s all. I haven’t taken a picture of the squash yet. I already cleaned the vine because it turned bad and died out. By the time I remember to water it, it was on the way to die. I’ll upload a picture of my special growing butternut squash soon. Don’t forget to check this post later. Also, I’ll share a story about how I ended up having a butternut squash plant and fruit.

August 8, 2022 Updating…

Here is my butternut squash picture. My first ever and only squash fruit from growing for the first time.

A perfect ripe butternut squash on August 7, 2022 Sunday on a glass-round table in the back patio.

The color of the squash is changing by the time. When I just harvested it, its color was kind of light yellow with some traces of green on the top, then it turned darker and darker later on and now it’s yellow-brown.

How do you know that butternut squash is ripe? how to identify ripe butternut squash? How to tell when butternut squash is ripe, What is a simple way to tell if butternut squash is ripe? A ripe butternut squash has a beige skin with no trace of green.

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