How to Grow Garlic at Home (Step by Step) / Cach Trong Toi

Source: Garlic Related Collection, Toi by Garden Q.

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To grow garlic at home, is it hard? Then read on to get your answer.

First, bought a garlic bulb or a package of garlic bulbs.

  • If you can then get the one grown at the local is much better.
  • In our home always has some garlic. We bought the garlic all the time, we bought almost at any grocery store we went but none of them had ever chance to sprout. Most of the time, they dried, damage and only the skin left. All of them were imported from China, “Product of China”.
  • Back in 2020, around March or April (pandemic time), I bought 2 packages of China-imported garlic at a wholesale store. Turn out, none of them were sprouted. They, all, were dried out and… only the skin left. We didn’t eat or use any clove at all because we still had other garlic in used, then we forgot about them and then we had sad issue in the family (a pass away family member)… By the time I remembered I had bought 2 packages of garlic and then all of them were done, only skins left, none of them had any evidence of ever sprouting.

Next, stuck it in a corner of somewhere in your home and wait until it is sprouted.

When it is sprouted, separate it into cloves.

Find somewhere to plant them, can be anywhere, in the corner of the fence, under a tree, in a garden bed, in a container, even though in the grass, no problem.

After planting them down, water them.

  • If you are a good gardener or find gardening as a joy, then water them often.
  • If you don’t have time to water them or you are an easy forget watering the plant person, then choose moisture places/areas planting them, so you don’t worry they are died by the time you remember you did plant some garlic at somewhere around your house. 😜🤣😁

Next day or a couple days later, walk through where you planted them to make sure all are under the ground because there is a possible chance squirrels will dig them up if you live in Florida. I guess squirrels thought we burry some food for them, that’s why they come right after we get inside the house and then take an action; they are so smart, are they?

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