Cooking Tips

Cooking tips are very helpful which you shall not ignore.  So, what are they?

Here are some cooking tips which are retrieved around the web, extracted from Vietnamese cooking videos and Chinese movies, and shared from experience/old people.

  • Lemon juice helps making your cake softer and maintaining the sugar level where it is when caramelizing.
  • To remove sticky rice stuck on the knife, rise the knife under the warm water.
  • Egg white helps making pound cake without using baking powder.
  • To test whether the oil is hot ready or not for frying, just place a pair chopstick in the oil, if seeing many tiny steaming/bubbles come out from the chopstick, that’s the time ready for placing your chicken, fish, or whatever you want to fry in the deep fryer.
  • To maintain the spice flavor, store it at the dark area, never store it around the stove.
  • Never store onion or hot chili and potato next to each other; the heat of onion and the hot chili will damage the potatoes faster.

Hope these tips can help you in daily life activities (cooking).  We’ll add more soon,…