Food Q&A

What are popular cooking technique or cooking methods:
boiling (boiling, steaming, double steaming, pressure, simmering, blanching, braising, coddling, stewing, steeping, infusion, vacuum flask cooking, poaching, smothering), roasting (roasting, barbecuing, grilling/broiling, searing, rotisserie), frying (fry, deep frying, pan frying, stir frying, pressure frying, sauteing, hot salt frying, hot sand frying), baking (baking, baking blind, flashbaking), smoking, steaming.

What types of food dish?
salad, steak, stew, soup, pizza, sandwich, sauce, sushi, meatball, curry, dumpling, dip, cutlet, casserole, cold cut, tart, ice cream, pudding, biscuit or cookie, cake, pie, pastry, pancake, pottage, porridge, pilaf, aspic, canape, fritter, kebab, omelette

What are the popular food preparation utensils?
cutting board, oven glove, peeler, pepper mill, salt shaker, scales, measuring jug, measuring spoon, scissors, rolling pin, scoop, tomato knife, fillet knife, grapefruit knife, grater, Madeline, cleaver, corkscrew, colander, chinoise, food mill, garlic press, potato ricer, pot holder, pizza cutter, meat tenderizer, mated colander pot, meat thermometer, meat grinder,…

What are the popular eating utensils?
cutlery likes fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, skewer, tongs, toothpick, crab cracker, fondue fork, honey spoon, nutcracker, trongs, lobster pick, grapefruit spoon, snail tongs and forks,

What is drinkware?
Coming soon!

What is tableware?
Coming soon!

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