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What can you find from the following articles?

For the article about food coloring, you’ll get a list of fruit, vegetable,… which can give you food pretty coloring likes blue, pink, red, purple,… naturally. Some of fruits and vegetables that are listed there are blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, beet, carrot, pandan leave, gac fruit, avocado, grape, orange, onion, potato, cabbage, bok choy, kale, spinach, kale, curry, turmeric, tea, coffee,…

For the article about cooking tips, you’ll know how making the cake soften, cleaning knife after cutting sticky rice cake, making pound cake rising without using cake baking powder, knowing when it’s right time to add your chicken, fish,… into deep frying, storing spice to maintain the flavor and many more.

Household tips::

  • Peanut butter may help removing stubborn eaten gum.
  • Vinegar helps cleaning around the house likes stubborn grease on the top of cabinet or dirt on the door; it also helps removing any cooking odor by boiling the vinegar and water.

Health tips when eating::

  • Ginger – helps maintaining your body temperature in the winter.
  • Hot chili – increases the body temperature; it helps in the winter.
  • Bitter melon – help lower your body heat in the summer; lower your pressure and might cause sleepy at some people after eating.
  • Limnophila aromatica (rau ngò ôm) – might help lowering your blood pressure but must be careful because it drops your blood pressure so fast if eat too many of them.
  • Eggplant
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes

Food storing tips:

  • Never ever store spices next to stove or heated area.
  • Never ever store onion, chili,… next to potato, yam,…
  • Do not store uncooked meat next to cooked/ready to eat meat or food.

More are coming soon.

*** These tips are retrieved around the web or retrieved from cooking videos and travel/adventure videos.  We just want to give everybody a chance knowing things around us daily; it’s your own risk and we do not guarantee or responsible for any tips on this site. ***

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