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Hey, we don’t know much about her; whatever we’re going to let you know here are retrieved from the internet, so if we say something wrong, please forgive us and correct us so we deliver out the right info.  As on YouTube information, she has been joined YouTube member since Jul 15, 2008 and has 51,898 subscribers so far.  She has a bunch of interesting cooking videos; some of which has more than 500 thousand views so far as of January 2014.  People love her cooking Chinese food; we love them too; we love eating Chinese food but don’t know how to prepare, but now on we know how to cook and may be make tasted dishes if we’re patient :).

Learn how to cook Chinese and other Asian foods with Lila. Here are some place to get her Chinese and Asian recipes:

Asian Cooking Made Easy

Asian_Cook #01 to #20

Anyway, here are some of cooking topics she has done so far:  dim sum recipes, Chinese pastries, Bento recipes, Chinese steamed recipes, Thanksgiving recipes, Chinese stir fry recipes, cooking tips and tricks, ingredients – Chinese ingredient of the week series,

And here are her popular recipes (retrieved on January 13, 2014):

  • Her cooking videos which have 500K views and plus:  Chinese spicy shrimp stir fry recipe (976K views), quick and easy fried rice (665K views),
  • 400K plus:  how to make and basic dough for Chinese buns (444K views), how to make egg drop soup (472K views), how to make Singapore noodles (431K views),
  • 300K plus:  Chinese shrimp spring rolls recipes (364K views), crispy garlic chicken wings recipe (317K views), how to make Cantonese roast pork (char siu (315K views), how to make black pepper chicken ( 307K views),
  • 200K plus:  how to mae Chinese steamed barbecued pork buns (295K views), Chinese sponge cake recipe (239K views), how to prepare and cook a turkey (228K views), lion’s head meatball recipe (207K views), Chinese sesame chicken recipe (204K views), how to make egg foo young (205K views),
  • 100K plus:  how to make mantou – Chinese steamed buns (199K views), how to make Chinese chicken wings (198K views), Chinese orange chicken recipe (195K views), how to make wontons (184K views), how to make kung pao chicken (169K views), Chinese bourbon chicken recipe (154K views), how to make flower rolls – Chinese steamed buns (145K views), how to make seasame balls (144K views), chinese in garlic sauce recipe (142K views), how to make General Tso’s chicken (142K views), har gow – Chinese shrimp dumpling recipe (136K views), crispy chicken chow mein recipe (128K views), how to make honey walnut shrimp (127K views), shrimp broccoli stir fry recipe (127K views), barbecue – BBQ tofu recipe (122K views), how to make white steamed rice (109K views), siu mai recipe – dim sum pork and shrimp dumplings (108K views), Bento recipe – how to cut a chick out of an egg (104K views), chicken satay recipe (104K views),
  • 90K plus:  Chinese beef and broccoli recipe (99K views),

Asian Cooking Made Easy Videos:

    1. Dim Sum Mother’s Day Brunch Menu
    2. Cinco de Mayo Recipe – Mexican Fried Wontons
    3. Chinese Jujube Congee Recipe
    4. Chinese Five Spice Powder – Chinese Ingredient of the W…
    5. Asian Vegetarian Soup Recipe
    6. AsianCookingMadeEasy Trailer
    7. Cashew Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe
    8. Cooking with Sherry – Chinese Ingredient of the Week
    9. Easter Table Setting
    10. Does Alcohol Burn off While Cooking?
    11. Bunny Bread – Buns
    12. St. Patrick’s Day Recipes
    13. What is Shao Hsing Wine? – Chinese Ingredient of the W…
    14. St. Patricks Day Recipe – Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
    15. What is Stir Fry Oil? – Chinese Ingredient of the Week
    16. Szechuan Beef Stir Fry Recipe
    17. Chinese Ingredient of the Week – New Series
    18. Oscar Party Food
    19. How to Make Sweet and Sour Shrimp
    20. Last Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner


VN Food – Taste of SVA views 1.4k
shows to people his/her family everyday food including cooking steps by steps how to…

JN Cooking views 1.3k
Cooking channel JN Cooking shared a lot …


More information about her and her cooking videos are on the way.

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