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Nyonya Cooking is a cooking channel on YouTube, which is created on 2012, and is hosted by Grace (Grace Teo – gracemomentsblog) whom shows the people how to make the food specialized in Malaysian cuisine. Most of her cooking dishes are similar to Chinese food and other Asian food. As of today, August 22, 2014, she has 26,725 subscribers, 33 comments and 1,236,368 views. Since the day the channel is created, Jan 26, 2012, she has around 60 videos.  Grace had one time joined with Helen in Helen’s cooking video in which was published on Jan 24, 2014 showed how to make southern Vietnamese new year sticky rice cake.

To get more information about her cooking videos, one of the link below may help.

Nyonya’s Cooking Videos

Her videos kind a useful to us like one of her cooking video shows the people how to make a Malaysian cake which has glutinous rice (sticky rice) as the base and chicken, Chinese mushroom,… From this video we got ideas from her how to prepare bamboo leaves and strings for the cake because as we known so far that people in other Asian countries use fresh bamboo leaves and strings not dried as in her video, so from now own, we can prepare this cake any where as long Asian grocery carries these dried bamboo leaves and bamboo string made.


Some of the popular dishes which were prepared/showed by her:  (These information is retrieved on October 09, 2013 by CookForMePlease.)

  • Steamed Tofu (with Minced Meat), Chilli Chicken, Inchi Kabin (Fried Chicken), Steamed Fish, 
  • Grass Jelly Drinks (Cincau),Onde-Onde (Buah Melaka), Malaysian Restaurant in Frankfurt: Selera,Kaya (Coconut Jam), Bo Bo Cha Cha (Dessert), Old China Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Yusheng (Prosperity Toss), French Beans Belacan, Honiglebkuchen (Honey Ginger Bread), Pong Teh Chicken, Ayam Masak Merah,
  • ABC Soup (Vegetable Soup), Nyonya Potato Soup, 
  • Asam Prawns, Chinese Cabbage Rolls, Ayam Masak Kicap

Cooking subjects which she has done so far:

  • meat, seafood, kuh, desserts, drinks, rice, noodles, vegetable, authentic nyonya cusine, condiments and others

2015, 2016

More information is coming soon!  See you back soon!

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