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Yummies For Dummies is a YouTube cooking channel which is hosted by Tina whom shows how to cook specialized in Vietnamese cuisine.   The language is used in her cooking videos is English; this is very helpful for those want learning how to cook Vietnamese food but unable to understand Vietnamese language especially young Vietnamese American or American with Vietnamese descent.  The channel has 40,347 subscribers and 2,819,840 views so far and the oldest video were created 3 years ago.  As of today, her channel got 141 comments so far.  We don’t know how her cooking instructions work yet because we haven’t try cooking in her way.  We’ll try soon, then we’ll let you know.

Here are some places where you can get more information about her cooking video:

Tina’s Cooking Videos

Yummies For Dummies
Password: yd12345

Here are some of her cooking dishes which are made so far:

  1. Orange chicken, Vietnamese chicken salad, how to make Thai iced tea ( Thai Tea Boba/Bubble Tea), hu tieu nam vang kho, chicken satay with peanut sauce, how to make steamed rice cake
  2. Vegetable puffs, Vietnamese spring rolls, orange chicken, chicken salad, Thai iced tea, southern Vietnam rice noodle soup, chicken satay, steamed rice cakes, Vietnamese coffee, pad Thai, fried rice, Vietnamese ege noodles, cupcake.
  3. Vietnamese beef stew, steamed buns, dorayaki, kimbap, honey walnut shrimp, vegan noodle soup, lobster roll, caramelized pork & eggs, deep fried cake, Thanksgiving dinner, curry chicken
  4. Vietnamese sweetend dessert, southern Vietnam large pancake


This youtube video channel is hosted by Tina Pham and the language is spoken in the video is English.

As of January 13, 2014, her popular 100K+ cooking videos are steamed pork buns (242,628 views), how to make steamed riced cakes (223,519 views), Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (181,239 views), Vietnamese desserts (Che ba mau, 139,898 views), Vietnamese crepes (120,288 views), Vietnamese caramalized fish (108,338 views).

What kind of the food she has done so far? Vietnamese food, Vietnamese noodles, Chinese food, Korean food, Thai food, holiday food, appetizer and snack, drinks, desserts, cake, nature inspired, seafood recipes, pork recipes, chicken and other poultry recipes, beef recipes, rice recipes, vegetarian recipes,…


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