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Hey guy! There is another great YouTube cooking celebrity.  Her cooking videos are improved day to day and her cooking ingredient lists are cleaned and very organized; now you can found it great instructions no other have yet.  No matter how many words we said, when you see her cooking videos you will know what we talked about.

One more thing we need to let you know before you get away for watching her videos:  her cooking channel message “Step by step how-tos for authentic Vietnamese food, with occasional forays into baking and other ethnic cuisine!”

Van’s Vietnamese Cooking Videos
Full recipe in English:

Her top popular cooking videos in 50K plus views:  custard pudding – 288,801 views; pandan coconut honeycomb – 116,644 views, fish cake – 86,689 view; spicy beef noodle – 67,621 views; how to make natural food coloring – 64,585 views; how to make Vietnamese ham likes cha hue, gio song, mu yor – 59,801 views, tapioca dumplings – 56,624 views, dipping sauce – chicken floss, dried shredding chicken;

Those videos got 25K-49,999 views are mount Fuji sponge cake – 46,940 views; beef stew – 45,915 views, steamed chicken on a bed of rock salt – 45,842 views, chicken wings – 43,285 views, traditional mooncake – 40,378 views, sticky rice dumpling – 38,968 views,daikon and carrot pickles – 38K views, how to make Che Dau Van – 35K views, agar jelly candy – 33K views, how to make yogurt at home – 29K views, how to make Vietnamese sweet and sour soup – 29K views, how to make nuoc mam – 26K views, how to make corn milk – 25K views

Videos in 20K views are how to make gluten-free tapioca coconut melting cookies – 23K, how to make Japanese wagashi inspired bean paste peaches – 23K views, mango orange cheesecake, how to make candied coconut ribbons – 22K views, how to make caramelized braised pork and eggs – 21K views, snow skin mooncake – 21K views,

Some of her best videos which are our favorite ones are crystallized candied winter melon, candied coconut ribbons, soy milk, mooncake, Vietnamese sticky rice cake, sponge cake,

As today, August 8, 2014, she has 13,616 subscribers 1,867,483 views.  She joined YouTube on Jan 20, 2013.  It’s not so bad, is it right?


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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