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Who is she?  According to her website, she was born in Vietnam, had lived in Singapore to attend college and currently live in Germany (moved to Germany in 2008).

Some of her dishes which you might interesting:

How to Make Rainbow Jelly, Coconut Pandan Waffles, Green Papaya Salad, Vietnamese Roasted Chicken, Rice Paper Salad, Coconut Jelly, Dare you eat this? Bizarre Food in Vietnam, Rice Noodle with Pork and Seafood, Vietnamese Steamed Buns, Ginger Chicken, Steamed Banana Cake, Fish Sauce Chicken Wings, Coconut Sauce for Desserts, Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables…

Helen’s recipes target on the following topics.

Appetizer and snack recipes, summer desserts, vegetarian recipes, tips and tricks of cooking, rice side dishes recipes, noodle recipes, beef recipes, pork recipes, chicken recipes, fish and seafood recipes, Vietnamese New Year recipes, Vietnamese desserts, Vietnamese cakes

Information about Helen’s Vietnamese Cooking Videos

Helen’s 2014 cooking videos:

Vietnamese vegetable dip, broken rice with grilled pork chop and meatloaf

What else she did so far from April of 2013?

She showed how to cook/make/bake thick noodle soup with pork hock, bitter melon soup, bird’s nest cake, baby clams with rice cracker, spring rolls, meatball sandwich, sweet & sour fish soup, corn pudding, grass jelly, frozen yogurt, iced tamarind drink, dragon fruit shake, baguette, brown noodle, pizza, rainbow dessert, summer roll, lemon juice, growing bean sprouts, pickled bean sprout, shrimp and sweet potato ritter, dumpling wrapped in banana leaf, caramelized shrimps and pork, tom yum hot pot, vegetarian chicken salad, mooncake, curry chicken, flour cake, chicken noodle soup, chicken sticky rice, panda waffle, papaya pickle, chicken roti.

Here are some samples of her cooking videos which you might interest.

Helen’s popular cooking video recipes:

700K’s – Vietnamese steamed rice cake (721,764 views),

600K’s – how to make crispy roast pork (675,156 views),

400K’s – how to make Vietnamese fresh spring roll (416,320 views), snowball cake (411,276 views), Vietnamese clear shrimp and pork dumpling (409,381 views),

300K’s – Vietnamese thick noodle soup recipe (319,815 views), Vietnamese beef noodle soup recipe (317,896 views),

200K’s – steamed layer cake (294,768 views), Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup (290,839 views), honeycomb cake (249,643 views), how to make rainbow jelly (227,224 views), worm-like jelly drink and cendol (220,218 views), pork stew with Vietnamese fermented shrimp paste and lemongras (207,778 views)

100K’s – coming soon!

Helen Recipes is a food channel about Vietnamese food.

Recently, we’ve seen her recorded her videos in Vietnam recently but we wonder does she live in Vietnam now on.  She seem has many businesses recently like some sort of advertisements for food companies, hotels, kitchen accessories,…  If it’s true, we’re happy for her. (11/11/2014)



As of February 2016, her most viewed dishes are crispy roast pork, spring roll, rice cake, pho beef noodle soup, spicy beef and pork noodle soup, youtiao, rainbow jelly, baguette bread.

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