How to homemade sausage

Learn how to make homemade sausage from the internet

Yesterday, after hanging hours on the internet especially on YouTube, I decided sharing to all of you some interesting stuffs which you might not seen and think about it even myself.  After reviewing, I said wow, how simple it is.  Probably now you’re yelling what is she talking about, hurry up, I don’t have time, just go straight to the point,…  please…  I know you’re eager to know like me when people talk about stuffs but haven’t go straight to the point I’m feel there is fire in the head.  I know… So what is it?  After letting you know, some of you might follow that procedures doing your own stuffs right away.

Oh, the first thing I want to share which is a food video from YouTube named “How to Make Homemade Sausage” by Food Farmer Earth.  This video was published on September 4, 2012; it showed how to make a sausage; after watching the video, I guaranteed you’ll say WOW; it’s unbelievable; it’s so easy…  In the video the guy shows how to process a sausage from the scratch from cutting the meat to finish a sausage.  Here is how he did.

  1. He cut the meat (pork shoulder, lamb shoulder and chicken lean) into chunks.
  2. Then he grind all the meat.
  3. He seasoned them with black pepper, salt, chili flakes, garlic, olive oil, fennel seeds, lemon juice, smoked paprika, brown sugar, wine vinegar, red wine, ground coriander, ground cumin, cayenne, parsley, cinnamon, cilantro
  4. He threaded the meat until it’s mixed or tended.
  5. He set up hog casing into sausage maker (he used Kitchen Aid electric mixer as the base).
  6. He turned on the machine allowing the ground meat fill in the hog casing.

Wow, it’s cool that you can fill in the hog casing as long as you want.  I just covered most of the processing; however, if you want getting more information or details about the process, just go to

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