How to Make Stir-Fried Beef Kidney, Beef Sweetbread and Yu Choy

How to make stir-fried beef kidney, beef sweetbread and yu choy.

Ingredients: yu choy, beef kidney, beef sweetbread, salt, sugar, cooking oil

Preparations: Clean, wash and cut yu choy (finger length size).  Wash beef kidney and sweetbread.  Boil beef sweetbread in the boiling water which is added a couple spoons of vinegar for 5 minutes.  Make a quick deep beef kidney in that boiling water.  Remove them away from the boiling water.  Leave them to cool and then slice them.  Get some sliced beef kidney and beef sweetbread to stir fry with you choy.

Directions: Bring a cooking pan to hot, add some cooking oil and then add a snatch garlic.  When a garlic turns light golden yellow, add sliced beef kidney and beef sweetbread.  Stir, add a little bit of salt and sugar.  Cover them for couple minutes and then stir again then cover them again.  Remove the cover and stir them a little more.  Add yu choy and stir.  Add a little bit of fish sauce, stir and turn off the heat.

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Suggestions:  Eat with plain white rice and mixed fish sauce (fish sauce, a little bit of sugar, some lime juice).  If anyone doesn’t like fish sauce then leave it out, add a little extra salt when stir frying.  For the boiling water, dump it right away into the sink (rinse waste side/garbage disposal side) to clean the system.  You’ll smell how nasty it is.

Notes: You don’t have to cook all of sliced beef kidney and beef sweetbread at once.  Get some to cook and store the rest for next meal(s).  Yu choy is a choy it’s sweet and sweeter the other choy, especially, homegrown yu choy.  In our language, we call it as sweet choy.