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Korean Food with Maangchi


Korean food with Maangchi is a video packages about how to cook/make Korean food.  Maangchi is a YouTube user who created Maangchi channel on in 2007.  Since the time she joined, Apr 3, 2007, she has 382,052 subscribers and 43,119,223 views as of August 22, 2014.  She also recorded 213 videos of her own cooking video recipes.  Her cooking video lengths are less than 10 minutes and some of which is as short as 3 minutes; wow, how short is it, does she covered over of the great information in there?,…  Let see…  Now we’re going to watch her 3:40 video which title name is “Seasoned seaweed (Doljabanmuchim: 돌자반무침)”.  After watching the video, yes she did it.

Here everyone can explore to know more about Korean food.

Maangchi’s Cooking Videos

Here are some of Maangchi’s Korean dishes:

  • Named in Korean: eomukguk (어묵국), gungjungddeokbokki (궁중떡볶이), mumallaengi-muchim – 무말랭이무침), ganjang-gejang – 간장게장), hoedeopbap (회덮밥), gamjajeon (감자전), baesuk (배숙), hwajeon (화전), kongnamul (콩나물), galbitang (갈비탕), kimchiguk (김치국), long cylinder shaped rice cake (가래떡), maekjeok (맥적), myeongajunamul (명아주나물), oi-sobagi (오이), kongnamul muchim (콩나물무침), ddeokbokki (떡볶이), bokkeumbap (볶음밥), soegogi muguk – ramyeon, sweet red bean jelly (양갱), gyeoja Naengchae, 소박이, 김치볶음밥, 쇠고기무국, 수박소주, 밥,누룽지
  • Named in English: fried rice, yanggaeng,kimchi soup, garaeddeok, spicy rice cake, fish cake soup, kimchi fried rice, cucumber kimchi, raw fish bibimbap, beef short ribs soup, grilled pork skewers, beef and radish soup, Korean steamed pears, Korean potato pancakes, soybean sprout side dish, lamb’s quarters side dish, soju watermelon cocktail, seasoned dried radish strips, how to make Korean ramen, how to grow soybean sprouts, raw crabs marinated in soy sauce, how to make rice and scorched rice, cold salad with spicy mustard sauce, sweet rice cakes with edible flowers, Korean royal court stir fried rice cakes


Her top views videos: (Retrieved on January 15, 2014)

  • 1 million views and up videos:  Korean fried chicken recipe (1,895,186 views in 3 years), kimchi (1,375,679 views in 4 years), making kimchi (1,302,677 views in 6 years)
  • 500 K – 999,9999 views videos:  hot and spicy soft tofu stew (792,932 views in 5 years), Korean spicy rice cake (751K views in 6 years), bibimbap (677K views in 6 years), sweet and crispy chicken wings (572K views in 5 years), rainbow rice cake (527K views in 4 years), Korean stir fried noodles and vegetables (504K in 6 years)

2015, 2016

More about her and her cooking videos are coming soon!

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