Yan Can Cook

When talking about Martin Yan, every people know who we’re talking about. Asian people love watching his cooking videos especially young Asian whom is living oversea. One of interesting thing you can not believe it, his cooking video is in English or Chinese but people still watch them even though they don’t understand the language; and he talks so fast they’re unable to catch it if the language is not their native language but they still watch them. They only understand one language from him is his sign/body language. See how people love the way he cooks.

But anyway, if you want to see how he cooks, go to the information below for more detail.

Foodie 01, Foodie 02, Foodie 03,…
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We’re trying to retrieve as many as possible his cooking videos; here are some of them.

Some of his popular cooking videos which you might interesting:

Martin Yan carves chicken in 18 secs
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=V37Pc45P4HA

How to debone a chicken in 18 seconds
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=WHmyAoY-HrA

Yan can cook
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=qT9lKA5_bPI

Martin Yan’s China relaxing a chicken
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=2_EztXjmtPY

How to bone a chicken
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=sy6P3E84Dqs

Trailer – Kham pha Vietnam cung Martin Yan
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=5woHPMIZADM

How to bone a chicken, Martin Yan part 4
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=vVHO1JY4Vc8

How to cut and tenderize beef, Martin Yan part 3
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=0kB_Gl_8v-4

How to user chicken knife cut cucumber, Martin Yan part 1
–  videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=HV8FPk5qN9k

Yan Can Cook: Knife sharpening w/ master grade sharpener
– videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5/?tubepress_video=2FU63s73Vjk

More video cooking of chef yan – videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-5.

We’ve seen online, he appeared in some of adventure videos which relating to food.  So far, we’ve seen in an adventure video at Ha Long’s Bay (Vietnam) where some people are living on the floated boat and children school is taking place there too.  How cool is it?  A chance  touring and exploring around the world and might getting exclusive earning.  To watch his cooking show and adventure videos Vietnam, just type “yan martin in vietnam” or “yan martin in viet nam” in the searching tool of You…Tube…


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We’ll retrieve more stuffs about his cooking videos soon, remember check back on us.  If you know more him, please share with us and other people.