Lychee, You’re Going to Love It

Finally, we harvested 27 lbs of lychees from 2 trees this year. 17 lbs were from the one in the video. We able collected fruits from this tree for the first time. It had many fruits last year (first year of bearing fruits) but all were gone just right before turning red; fruits were all dropped to the ground. We’re so sad but luckily we got 17 lbs this year and hope getting more fruits next year.

10 lbs remaining is from another tree. This tree is far bigger than the one in the video. Last year was the first time we collected many fruits by getting almost 60 lbs but I was nut, I picked the fruits too early so the qualify was not really good; I picked when they just turned light red; this tree’s fruits suppose to be deep red before picking. Getting last year experience of the right time for picking, I did very well but many of fruits were gone because of squirrels. It’s seem they love lychees a lot. They picked fruits, sat on top of the roof and eat. After all fruits were picked, they dug the ground looking for old and bad fruits which dropped before picking.

Here what I said earlier on YT.
//Backyard Fruit Tree: Lychees – VẢI
//Published on Jun 12, 2015

This year, we’re lucky having a chance eating lychees. Last year, there were a lot of fruits but all were gone just before turning red. I mean all fruits dropping, none of them was left on the tree. Not only we’re so happy this year but all squirrels too. They picked fruits, sat on the top of the roof and ate very yummy. Soon we’re going to share to all of you our mango tree, longan and their fruits.

Actually, the tree is grown and taken care by my dad. My jobs are picking, taking photos and eating.

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