Making Multiple Meals with One Time Cooking at Home

Here is a sum up how you can make at least three entries, big/large portals, with one time cooking. You can have Vietnamese summer rolls; Vietnamese hot and sour soup which you can serve with white rice or rice noodles; and mixed pork belly with fermented pickles which you can serve with vermicelli rice noodles or plain white rice.


  • Head-on shrimp, pork belly, Vietnamese rice noodles.
  • Tomato, bean sprouts, ong choy, Vietnamese “bac ha”.
  • Vietnamese herbs, hot chili peppers.
  • Limes, fish sauce, sugar, salt.

How to make it?

  1. Prepare vegetables (wash, cut/slice).
  2. Wash pork belly + shrimp (plus trim).
  3. Boil noodles.
  4. Boil pork belly + shrimps.
  5. Cut cooked shrimp’s heads & place back to the steam pot.
  6. Add pineapple + “bac ha” + ong choy + tomato.
  7. Bean sprouts + herbs + peppers + sugar + fish sauce + lime juice.
  8. Turn off the heat.
  9. Remove the shrimp’s shells + devein shrimp + split in half.
  10. Slice cooked pork belly.
  11. Make summer roll dipping sauce (fish sauce + vinegar + sugar + chopped hot chili peppers + warm water (optional))
  12. Serve as summer rolls, hot & sour soup with boiled rice noodles, hot & sour soup with steamed white rice.
  13. Leftover pork belly + fermented pickles + hot chili peppers (ground & sliced) + garlic (ground & sliced) = Mix well.
  14. Serve with steamed white rice or boiled rice noodles.

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