Sugar. What is it? Do we need it? Do we get diabetes if we consume it?

Let’s talk a little bit about sugar today.  I don’t know much about sugar besides what I’m using it daily.  Nowadays, people claim sugar for many things like eating sugar you’re gone’s a getting fat or sugar causes people getting diabetes.  I heard a lot people said many times about you’re going to get diabetes when you eat sugar.  Sometimes, I explained to them… not really, sugar can’t make you diabetes, but they fought back to me hardly so I passed on because I would rather getting less a problem than adding another problem.  To me, there is no food is good food or there is no food is bad food, the only problem is how we use and handle them.  If we digest too many good food then a bad problem might occur and sometimes it’s worst than digesting a bad food.  If we eat enough and equally then nothing happens.  Let’s back to sugar.  To me, sugar it might be good and might be bad; it’s up on us.  Sugar might help you getting more energy to work and to be strong to make more food to the table; especially, kid need sugar to grow up…

I’ll be back.