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Good afternoon everybody, we just found down another cooking channel which hosted by a Vietnamese lady.  Her cooking videos are very unique.  She cooks the food from the scratch and she shows to the world how her little garden where are all her cooking supplies (herbs, vegetables) come from.  Also, you will see how to pick lemon grasses, bac ha, peaches, zucchinis, chives, mints, …  Anyway, it’s cool to see how the real world of picking herbs and vegetables for your dishes. In the videos, the main language which she spoke was English but sometimes she filled in some Vietnamese. To see sample of her cooking videos, stop by the link on the top of this post.

My-Basil Leaf’s Cooking Videos – Vietnamese – Asian And American Comfort Food

We don’t know when she joined YouTube but we do know that her first published video was on Aug 30, 2012. As of today, she has 11,808 subscribers and 1,465,414 views.

Her YouTube’s package title is “How To Cook Vietnamese Food and Asian Food Recipes”. Let see how her cooking videos’s viewings.
Her cooking videos which have over 50K views:
Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes-Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes Recipe-How To Make Cheesecake Cupcakes, 134K views; Mango Smoothie-Mango Yogurt Smoothie-How To Make A Mango Yogurt Smoothie-Tropical Fruit Smoothie, 62K views; How To Make Orange Chicken-Recipe-Asian Food Recipes, 57K views;

Her cooking videos which have over 30K views but less than 50K views:
Videos in 40K views:  How To Make Vietnamese Egg Rolls Cha Gio-Vietnamese Food Recipes, 43K views; Bubble Pearl Milk Tea-Boba-Fruit Milk Tea Asian Recipes, 42K views; Chicken Enchilada Recipe-How To Make Chicken Enchiladas-Casserole-Sauce-Mexican Food Recipes, 41K views;

Videos in 30K views:  Peanut Sauce for Spring Rolls Bo Bia-How to Make Peanut Dipping Sauce Summer Rolls-Recipes, 35K views; Asian Fried Tempura Shrimp-How To Cook Asian Fried Shrimp-Prawns-Recipes, 35K views; Teriyaki Salmon Recipe-How To Make Grilled Teriyaki Salmon-Asian Food, 32K views; Asian Eggplant Recipes-How To Cook Eggplant-Stir Fry-Vegetarian, 31K views; Pork Fried Rice Recipe-How To Make Pork Fried Rice-Asian Food Recipes, 31K views; How To Make Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe-Asian Comfort Food Recipes, 31K views;

Her cooking videos which are in 20K views:
Banh Hoi-Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli-Steamed Banh Hoi-Banh Cuon-Vietnamese Food Recipes, 29K views; Steamed Pork Buns Banh Bao Xi Mai-How To Cook Banh Bao-Vietnamese Food Recipes, 24K views; Pickled Carrots And Daikon-How To Make Pickled Carrots Daikon And Cucumber – Banh Mi Ga Banh Mi Thit, 23K views; Honey Sesame Chicken-Asian Food Recipes, 23K views; Mango Sticky Rice Coconut Sauce-Thai-Asian Food Recipes, 21K views;

Watch Vietnamese – Asian And American Comfort Food


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Coming soon!

More is on the way.  See you next time.

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