How To Make Mung Bean Glutinous Rice Flour Balls in Ginger Syrup

Watch how to make a Vietnamese sweet dessert – glutinous rice flour balls with mung bean filling and cooked in ginger syrup.

Mung Bean Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger Syrup


  • 1 package Mung Beans (14-oz)
  • 1 package Glutinous Rice Flour (16-oz)
  • 1 can Coconut Milk (14-fl oz) – 3 soup spoon for dough, the rest for mung bean paste
  • 3 inches Ginger
  • 1 package Brown Slab Sugar/Brown Sugar in pieces (16-oz)
  • 7 cup water for syrup


  • Mung beans – soak overnight (room temperature water), remove skin…
  • Glutinous rice flour – soak in water (mix with 1/2 coffee spoon salt), set aside, drain clear top water, add new water and mix well, set aside, drain top clear water again, use paper towels to make the prep-flour dry.
  • Ginger – remove the skin, slice, mash ginger


  • Cook mung bean with coconut milk, mash, knead, make balls.
  • Cook ginger syrup – water plus brown slab sugar and ginger.
  • Set a pot of the water to boil.
  • Knead glutinus rice until smooth.
  • Wrap mung bean ball inside of glutinous rice, roll… add to the boil water, cook until the mung bean glutinous balls float on the top, transfer to a cold temperature water container and let them cool, add the balls to the ginger syrup pot, continue cooking…


  • The best way is using 10 cup water plus 1.5 package brown slab sugar.
  • Some mung bean paste is left after all, around 1/3. You can eat them blank like that, can use it for other cakes, can use it by adding an drink (other che/Vietnamese sweet dessert)…
  • If you don’t want having some mung bean paste left, then cook around 2/3 package of mung bean only but don’t forget cut back some coconut milk.
  • The better way is to have an additional package of glutinuous rice flour on hand if needed.
  • If you don’t have an extra package of glutinous rice flour, take back couple soup spoon of glutinous rice flour to use it when you kneeding the dough.

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In Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt

Cách làm CHÈ SÔI NƯỚC – làm tại nhà ở Mỹ Glutinous Rice Flour Balls Sweet Dessert Cách làm chè trôi nước

Mung bean balls after done.

Mung Bean Balls