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How To Cut A Watermelon …Yummy

How To Cut A Watermelon

Cutting a watermelon isn’t hard to some people but there are some people of the younger generations having no clue how it’s be done. At here, we share how we cut it to whom need to know. There are million ways of cutting a watermelon, but we share the basic and easy steps only. This is just an idea to those people eager knowing how it’s be done. If you’re ready know how, then, congratulation; you are at higher level now…

Here is what you need:

  • a water melon, a cutting knife, a cutting board, a tray/container,…

How it’s be done.

  1. Wash/clean outside a watermelon.
  2. Cut a head of.
  3. Cut a watermelon into halve and halve again.
  4. Slice each into 3 slices…
  5. Then, cut into pieces.

That’s how it is done.

That’s it!  We get a large tray of watermelon. It’s five times cheaper than a ready cut watermelon and also fresher and cleaner…


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