Cucumber Salad / Goi Dua Leo

Cucumber Salad

To have this bowl of salad, you only need 2-3 fresh cucumbers plus some sugar, vinegar and fish sauce. If you want a spicy taste, add some slice of hot chili peppers. If you like to eat the garlic then add some. Mix all ingredients together and adjust more or less ingredients, it’s up to you, but the goal here is the final bowl of salad must have a type of taste you like, may be a little of sour, a little of sweet, a little of salty, a little of spicy… Don’t throw away the juice after eating all cucumber salad. You can spread on your rice to eat or drink it. It’s not bad. It might help you loose some weight too. 🙂

Goi Dua Leo

Lam mon goi dua leo nay khong kho, ban chi can co vai trai dua leo tuoi, mot vai muong giam, muong duong, muong nuoc mam. Cho tat ca vao cai to hay cai tho nho, roi tron deu. Neu ban thich an cai thi cho vai lat ot vao. Con ban nao thich an toi ma khong so hoi nach thi cho vai lat toi tuoi vao. Theo minh nghi, goi dua leo thi thuoc loai hang, cho nen minh cho vai lat toi hay ot vao de trung hoa lai de khoi bi lanh bung. Nuoc tron to goi nay rat ngon cho nen ban dung do no nha. Ban co the chan vo com an hay la uong no cung duoc. Vi ngot ngot chua chua… rat de uong/an. Nuoc nay cung co kha nang giup ban bo bot vai lb thit du tren co the nua. 🙂

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  1. I love cucumber.

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