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How to Make Chicken, Bean Sprouts and Sweet Onion Pickled Salad

Chicken pickled salad is an extra dish for whom loves eating pickle or salad. People around the world call it as chicken salad but to us that is not even close to. If we call it as chicken pickle, it’s not right too, so we name it temporary as chicken pickled salad. When we find a right name, we’ll update as soon as possible.

There are many ways making chicken pickled salad but the most popular in Vietnamese cuisine is made from baby ice cream banana which is also called blue java banana or Thai banana.  Making the pickled salad from this baby banana, it’s called “gỏi chuối xiêm cây” or “gỏi chuối xiêm cây con.”  There is another type of pickled salad which is made from banana blossom, called “bắp chuối”, is also referred as “bắp chuối xiêm”.  Once again, the blossom banana is from a ice cream banana.

We’re going to show to all of you how we make a pickled salad from ingredients which are available in most of the grocery in the U.S.  That’s is chicken and sweet onion and bean sprout pickled salad.  Let’s go to see how it’s done.


  • cooked chicken
    This is done in previous post.
  • sweet onion, bean sprout
  • fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, cooking oil,
  • shallot, rau răm (Vietnamese coriander)

Chicken Rice Soup (CHAO GA, GOI GA) Vietnamese Chicken Salad


  1. Soak bean sprouts and thin sliced sweet onions in light salt water.
    – Slice sweet onion into thin slices.  Add a pinch of salt in a large bowl of water. Add bean sprouts and onion and soak them about 10 to 20 minutes.
    Drain the water and try squeeze water out as much as you can.
  2. Prepare chicken.
    Break cooked chicken into mouth size pieces and leave large bones out.
  3. Making light mixed fish sauce. This sauce is used for pickle and dipping.
    – Mix vinegar, sugar and fish sauce. Add some water (optional).  Don’t add too much fish sauce avoiding it’s too salty.
  4. Making pickle sauce.
    Shallots – remove the skin and clean, slice them into thinned slices.
    Bring a saucepan/frying pan to hot.  Add some oil.  When it’s hot, add thinned sliced shallots.  Stir frequently.  When thinned sliced shallots change the color usually light golden, add half plus mixed sauce above.  Mix well.  Remove from the heat when it’s reboiling.

    Add rau răm on the top of chicken.  Spread the sauce around and the top of the chicken.
  5. Now, it’s ready to serve.
    Finally, we have a delicious chicken and pickled salad.
    Dip the pickle salad with the remaining pre-mixed sauce above. (Add more fish sauce to that dipping light mixed fish sauce if it’s necessary.)

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