Noodle Soup Express [Egg Noodle and Rice Noodle]

Egg Noodle and Rice Noodle Soup Express
Published on Jul 11, 2015


  • pre-made noodle soup broth (pork/…)
  • pre-made meat balls (optional)
  • noodles: egg noodles, rice noodles,…
  • pork meat
  • shrimp
  • bean sprouts
  • scallions, cilantro, hot chili pepper, lime,…
  • seasoning: salt, fish sauce, sugar, pepper,…

How to cook:

  1. Making the broth and freeze it.
  2. When ready to eat, just boil the broth up and add seasoning as your taste.
  3. Prepare noodles, meat, shrimp, vegetables… herbs…
  4. Add noodles + meat + shrimp… to a bowl + bean sprouts (may add later) + pour soup over… add scallion + cilantro + pepper + hot chili pepper… Serve.
  5. Enjoy yourself.

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That’s is the fastest I ever known.

Oh, you don’t have to wait your broth completely melt out, just get a large bowl of warm water, place a container of soup in; about 5 minutes you can transfer it to a sauce pan. When cooking, it’s going melting out.

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